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What is Bi-Aura® Therapy?

Bi-Aura® Therapy is a system of bio-energy healing. It is completely natural, gentle, and safe for anyone - from the very young to the elderly, and even for animals.

A human body is not only physical; it is a combination of physical, mental, emotional and energetic attributes which are interdependent with one another.

Western medical science is only beginning to discover the reality and implications of the body’s bio-energy field. It has been known of and studied in many ancient cultures around the world for thousands of years as an integral part of healing knowledge.

Bi-Aura® Therapy works with the life-force energy of the body. Vibrating at a frequency higher than the physical body yet penetrating it and surrounding it, are several interconnecting layers of energy which make up the bio-field.

Your physical body is part of a complex, biological electromagnetic field of energy. Bi-Aura® Therapy is focused upon balancing this field of energy. It is believed that when the body’s bio-field becomes weakened, stressed, or damaged, a reduction of energy flowing into the many complex systems of the body can occur, leading to physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual disturbances and dis-ease.

Bi-Aura® Therapy Practitioners are trained to detect imbalances and disturbances in the bio-field and to aid the establishment of balance and well-being through a selection of gracefully executed Bi-Aura® techniques.

For more information please see the Bi-Aura® International website.

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